Singapore introduces Tech Pass, Application starts in Jan

For people looking for options other than Canada

Speaking from my experience as I’ve lived and worked in Singapore, it’s a great place to be. A short 5 hr flight to India, warm weather all year round, great transit and just an awesome, futuristic city. Oh and the taxes are really low. Also its easy for dependents to get work visas and the tech pass allows you to start your own, you don’t have to be tied to a job.

The only downside I see is the tech pass does not give you any permanency its for two years and can be renewed.

From the initial description, this sounds more like an open-ended work permit or USA EB1 equivalent of person with exceptional skills minus the permanent residency part, isn’t it?

"A total of 500 slots for Tech.Pass will be available for applications upon its launch, said EDB in the media release, adding that the programme is aimed at attracting “founders, leaders and technical experts with experience in established or fast-growing tech companies”.
To be eligible, applicants must meet at least two of the following requirements:

  • Have a last drawn fixed monthly salary in the past year of at least S$20,000
  • Have at least five cumulative years of experience in a leading role in a tech company with a valuation or market cap of at least US$500 million or at least US$30 million funding
  • Have at least five cumulative years of experience in a leading role in the development of a tech product that has at least 100,000 monthly active users or at least US$100 million revenue

The Tech.Pass will be valid for two years and can be renewed once, if renewal criteria are met, for another subsequent two years, said EDB."

Wow this is a highly specific set of criteria! :slight_smile: