SINP (saskatchewan PNP) related

To apply for SINP under 2173 this is what they have mentioned, something like get certifications or licensure.
(SINP applicants may be required to provide documentation related to professional status or licensure.)
Below is specifically mentioned for 2173. Could someone help me explaining what does it mean and what exactly is expected from us (Is this something like WES that we need to evaluate our experience with some organization)?

Below is copy pasted from site (

Provide documentation from the Canadian Association of Information Technology Professionals (CIPS) showing your:

Candidate Membership as an Associate Information Technology Professional (AITP); or,
Certified Membership as an Information Systems Professional (I.S.P); or, 
Certified Membership as an Information Technology Certified Professional of Canada (ITCP).

For more information, visit the provincial regulator the Canadian Association of Information Technology Professionals (CIPS).


This mean that the government officials at the Saskatchewan SNIP office are not able to verify the authenticity of your NOC claim. They are therefore outsourcing the job or evaluating your work experience to an external organization that has knowhow in the field.

SINP applicants may be required to provide documentation related to professional status or licensure. Please see the list below for these requirements. If this proof is required, your application will be held for processing until such proof is provided

It does say “may be” so I’m not sure if this is for everyone or only if they request it from you.

:thinking::hushed: This was regular process, till now have done nothing which is specific to me. Lets see

Hi @anon25417004 ,
Please see attached screen shot. Here they have mentioned that get certified from some organization and seems this certification they are expecting while applying for SINP.
Could you please suggest something about this process or point me to some person who has applied for SINP.


Yes it is exactly as they describe it. If you’re occupation is on the SINP On demand list then you will need to get your credentials certified by an industry organization. The reason for this is that the government officials handling your paperwork in Saskatchewan is unable to verify if you really are a “software developer” or not, it’s possible the official is not even familiar what a computer is so he outsources this verification to someone he thinks can verify these things for him.

Please keep in mind you will have to spent two years of your life in Saskatchewan a place that does not list very high on the list of top 1000 destinations for tech talent.

Thanks for last statement that they dont have much opportunities for us. Will look something else.
My wife and mine cumulative score is 423 so trying to explore other options. SINP is part of that and now not any more.


Saskatchewan is also much colder than Toronto. Personally Toronto is my northern limit I could not deal with the winter in places like Montreal or any place further north. Having a big lively city around helps in the winter as there are usually always people around and things to do (except for when there are storms)

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Thanks for your opinion

Struggling hard man to get into Canada. Not getting much options.
Only thing relying in case I get job offer from some Canadian employer.


I apologize if I sounded very negative on Saskatchewan I had a friend in California working with me who was from there and then went to Waterloo. It’s a beautiful place that much I know also there is a fairly large India community. Some friends of my sister in law recently moved to Saskatchewan from Delhi because their PR was nominated.

I agree with you it’s important to get that PR using whatever options you have at your disposal. And I have heard that the need to live in the province is not set in stone. If for example you are not getting the job you want in the province but have got one in another province you can move.

Not at all
Infact I am happy for you giving your opinion, atleast there should be some benefit joining this portal :wink:


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