Soft landing for expired CoPR

Hey everyone,

Firstly, I must admit that this forum is a treasure trove and a great community! I am so glad to have bumped on to this website. I understand there are similar threads related to expired CoPR, but my situation is slightly different with the latest update to soft landing, so creating a new thread.

My CoPR was granted prior to March 18, 2020, thereby making me exempt from the travel restrictions. Unfortunately, the counterfoil expired in May and I have been regrettably delaying my travel. However, with things changing so rapidly with the Executive Order, I am considering making a soft landing by following the 14-day quarantine plan with a hope of moving early next year (once I change my job and wrap up things in the US). However, with the latest statement on the CIC website, I wanted to seek suggestions on the following:

  • Are we allowed to cross the border by land with an expired CoPR (and return the same day)?

  • If I travel by air and live temporarily at my friend’s place, is it a hard requirement to provide details of moving permanently? I wonder if they actually have a way to track permanent moves.

What exactly do you mean by an expired COPR? Is it signed and stamped by a CBSA agent? If not, then I’m afraid that you don’t have any documentation that would allow you entry into Canada. You’re not a permanent resident yet and your documents are unfortunately expired.

I think you should write to IRCC, explain why you weren’t able to complete the landing formalities and request that they issue you a new COPR. I think they’ve said that they’ll accommodate anyone not able to travel due to COVID-19.

I recommended doing this once you’re sure that you’re able to make the trip, as for coming back after soft landing from the other thread multiple people have been able to do so.