Soft landing in current scenario

Our COPR is valid until May. Currently, we are staying in the US. Initially, we planned to do soft landing via Toronto airport during April, but due to this coronavirus issue, we are planning to do within few weeks.
Looking for suggestions if we need to wait until April or do it as early as possible.
Is there any possibility of a COPR extension by IRCC if we request them? If yes, then until how many days extension can we get?


Generally CIC is not very willing to provide extension unless it’s really critical. I would complete my landing formalities as soon as possible if I were you.

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IRCC has issued a bulletin regarding this. It does not specifically mention anything regarding persons residing in U.S.
Maybe you can try contacting them and explaining your situation.

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If you’re worried about air travel just drive over if possible. I would recommend get the landing out of the way asap. IRCC probably won’t give an extension just because we are scared of traveling with people (I would be surprised if they did).

There are only some tens of cases in Canada and US afaik so you shouldn’t be worried too much.

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Thanks for the reply. We completed the landing formalities during the weekend and back to US now. The process was very smooth. Since we landed around 12:30 am on Sunday, there was no much crowd at the airport. Everything was completed within half an hour.

The situation has gotten significantly worse, we booked the ticket for March 25, but probably gonna postpone it by a month. We gotto do the landing by May though. Any thoughts on the new developments?

Today they announced that those who have been issued COPR (approved PR) can travel:

“permanent resident applicants who had been approved for permanent residence before the travel restrictions were announced on March 16, 2020, but who had not yet travelled to Canada”

Just take precautions. (Gloves, Masks, Sanitizers etc)

Hi all,

Planning to do a “soft-landing”, husband is an American citizen, I am Canadian and both living in America. My husband has his COPR (expiring April 12th, 2020). Our question is does anyone have experience doing a soft-landing and in fact NOT going over the border? We would like to drive to a land border and complete the paperwork before his expiration date, but due to all the COVID-19 chaos, we would like to remain in USA. Is this possible?

Thanks all, stay safe!!

Please let us know if you were able to do the soft landing, is it possible these dats?

Is there a way to track the PR card delivery? Its been more than a month since we did soft landing and still haven’t received the cards. We even tried linking the application online but getting “No records found” Also called IRCC but because of the current scenario, no one is answering. How do we know the status of PR cards?

PR card can easily take upto 2 months if not more.


Were you able to complete your soft landing and return back to the U.S. ? I am in the same boat and looking for some advice. My COPR expires on May 7th 2020.

Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you!


I am in the exact same situation right now. Were you able to complete your soft landing and return back to the U.S. ? I am in the same boat and looking for some advice. My COPR expires on May 7th 2020.

Any help would be very much appreciated. Thank you!

Any advise if I do a soft landing , how do get a temporary trustable address to get my PR card, I am in the U.S and do not visa to return to CA

You need to have someone you know in Canada who is willing to mail you the PR card.

Note that even if you’re visa exempt normally when traveling to Canada, once you become a PR you need PR card/PRTD to enter Canada (or CoPR if entering by road)

Thanks , what happens if I try to reenter without my PR after landing since I do not need a visa to enter in canada sine I won’t have the PR card after my soft landing ?

You still have the stamped CoPR so you may be able to enter through road in your own private vehicle (check other posts for people who have done this). The PR visa/PRTD/PR card is for commercial carries who won’t let you board their vehicle without one.

If you’re a visa exempt citizen (eg American) who
Doesn’t need visa to normally enter as a tourist, now that you’re a PR you’ll need PR-related documents (stated above) to enter. I.E. you can’t enter as a tourist in Canada, now that you’re a PR. You’ll most likely be sent back if you say you’re a PR and try to enter only on the basis of your passport and without a PR card/PRTD. And certainly do not try to hide the fact that you’re a PR, at the border.

The easiest way for you is to apply for a PRTD as soon as your land and come back to the US). PRTD takes about a week or two to process so it’s really quick.

Thanks , I am still waiting for the CoPR, it has been over 40 days since I sent my passport , any news that they will be issuing CoPRs and would they allow landing from the U.S , so far I have seems that only CoPR issued March 18th or earlier can land? I do not know how long this will continue?

Are you inland or Outland applicant?
Covid May have certainly affected processing times. In fact their new replies are explicitly stating that the processing times on the website might not be right . But if you think it’s been too long you can certainly send a web form query.

I think their website states March 14th as the cutoff; people who got their PR visa before that can land. Although I don’t know if they’re explicitly prohibiting others from landing. Need to check this.

No one can tell you for sure how long this will continue. Rest assured your application won’t be negatively affected if it takes longer to issue CoPR or if you cannot land due to travel restrictions.