Soft landing in Vancouver during corona outbreak

Hi all
I live in California, and planning to soft land next week. I am so confused with what to do. Few people are telling we can go and few are telling we shouldn’t.

Appreciate your help
Thank you

as of latest guidance, if you have stayed in US/Canada for last 14 days, you can travel across the border.
But it’s suggested to travel only if your life depends on it. (essential ) travel

I am working in the US and I am on OPT. Does that mean essential :confused:

If you are running out of your 6 months landing duration then you can travel but I would recommend not to travel during this time. You can always do soft landing after 2 months. You should also check if you travel to Canada just for soft landing; can you travel back to the US?

Hi all,

Planning to do a “soft-landing”, husband is an American citizen, I am Canadian and both living in America. My husband has his COPR (expiring April 12th, 2020). Our question is does anyone have experience doing a soft-landing and in fact NOT going over the border? We would like to drive to a land border and complete the paperwork before his expiration date, but due to all the COVID-19 chaos, we would like to remain in USA. Is this possible?

Thanks all, stay safe!!

They are extending landing deadline. I reached out to them through web form and received a reply today.

Your confirmation of permanent residence document was valid to XX May 2010 as it was tied to the results of your medical examination. Based on your email below indicating you are unable to travel on or before the expiry date on your previously issued Confirmation of Permanent Resident document (COPR) and visa they have now been canceled, please do not attempt to travel on those documents as they are no longer valid. A medical extension will be requested on your behalf, should a new medical examination be required, you will be contacted. There is no action required at this time from you, you will be contacted in due course.

Reach out to them if you cannot travel.

Hello Folks!
I am super confused with the landing situation during the pandemic.

I have my COPR and planning to travel next
to Vancouver next month.

I dont mind staying there for 14 days on Quarentine or few months.

  1. Can i move back to US after receiving my PR card after 100 days?

  2. My cousin lives there. She will mail my PR card after receiving it. Can i move back to US after my 14 days quarantine or 1 month? I will have detailed plan of quarantine.

  3. Will i receive a call from IRCC or fined for something if i move back after a month(after quarentine)

  4. IRCC webpage mentions " not a right time to travel- to complete ur PR". Will i be turned around?

  5. Is the Airport Landing appointment offices open?Can i get my COPR stamped & SIN processed at the Airport?