Soft Landing Refused at Peace Bridge, Buffalo,NY - May 2021

I tried activating my PR (COPR +Medicals expired in 2020, extended upto May 2021) at Peace Bridge, Buffalo, NY yesterday and was refused to do a soft-landing citing present covid situation. I was asked to come only when I’m fully ready to settle in Canada along with a valid 14-days quarantine plan and medicals re-done.

  1. Has anyone else faced the same situation? If yes, what are the next steps to be taken?
  2. Should I try doing a soft-landing at any other point of entry since I have seen couple of posts mentioning a successful soft-landing at other places (e.g. Peace Arch, Detroit-windor, etc.) ? Will it affect my profile since they might keep a track of my unsuccessful attempts?
  3. The email which I had received about extension of the validity of my medicals & COPR also had mentioned that if I can’t travel by that date, they’ll leave my application open. Does it have a time limit on when can I get my medicals re-done?
    Any pointers in this case will be highly appreciated.Thanks!

I’m sorry to hear about your experience. This is the first time I’ve heard someone being denied landing as an immigrant with a valid COPR.

While I don’t have any personal experience with this, it’s perhaps not a good idea to try again at least until this particular covid-19 wave subsides.

Hi, was wondering if you used your own car to do the soft landing or rental car?

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