Spouse's WES assessment



My Wife did her WES assessment last year with her Bachelor’s degree for US graduate admissions. Will it still hold good for Canada immigration purposes? If so I 'll use it in my application. Also, she 'll complete her US masters by December but I am planning to tag her as a Bachelor’s degree holder in my application. Is there any problem in doing this? I am planning to do my WES.

A couple of general questions:
Is WES evaluation necessary for spouse too, if you don’t have any previous evaluation (in case)?
WES ECA for Canada is different from a US academic one?

About me: I hold a US masters and overall 7 years of work ex between India and USA). Currently on an H1B. Got my IELTS results yesterday L: 8.5, R: 8, S: 8, W: 8. A quick calculation in CRS calculator,
with spouse as Bachelors - 457
with spouse as Masters - 459

Thanks for the help.


It should say “Canadian equivalency: Bachelors”, they obviously won’t accept “US equivalency” for Canadian immigration process. So you will have to do it again.