Step by step guide for PNP



I need to know how we can apply for Canada PR through PNP. I understand that EE is the shortest and preferred way but I am looking for options in case my CRS score is falling short of minimum threshold for EE.

Also let me know in case there are some common steps between EE and PNP.

Really need this help.



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I read it and even bookmarked the post so that I could follow it. Unfortunately, I have no idea about how to proceed with PNP. I had looked at some information on the official Canadian immigration website but it just looked very confusing to me.


lets see if someone responses this, I guess I wont be able to get thru EE as our scores are little short of min requirement.


@vik Do you have any pointers for this.


Canada has the following provinces Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Saskatchewan. Northwest Territories and Yukon. Each of these has its own PNP process if they except you then you get a “Provincial Nomination Certificate”. You can then add this certificate to your EE application and get extra points which should qualify you.

The only province that does not have PNP and has its own different immigration process is Qubec (something to do with local english / french politics) I’ve included a link to the Qubec process below. Keep in mind you are required to reside in the province that nominated you for some years (I think its 2). If you break that not sure what they can do as PR’s have the rights to live and work across Canada. I think its a grey area and they could say you lied on application which could be bad for you.

Also the only provinces I can see myself living in is Ontario (Toronto), BC (Vancouver)
and Qubec (Montreal)

Example: Alberta PNP process

Qubec Process