Student visa with open permit for spouse

I am admitted to a Masters program in Big Data Analytics in Canada for September 2018 intake. I have a peculiar situation. I already hold a PhD (2007) in management. I have been working for last decade including last five years in Malaysia with my current Malaysia work permit valid till 2019 end. I am not an engineer by background.

Eligibility wise, as a student, I am entitled to bring my family along with me to Canada and my spouse is entitled for open work permit. But, I am advised on several forums that my student visa will get rejected if I apply for my family as well. I am self sponsoring my studies and not taking any loans. I have sufficient funds to support me and my family in Canada.

Is anyone here who has experience of applying for family visa for while having student permit or know someone who can share their expereince.

Did you get any help or advice on this matter ?
I too have an admit for a PhD [Sept - 2018] in Canada and wanted to know if there are any issues to get visa for my family.

I took a low risk route and applied for my visa alone. I have been granted necessary visa. I shall apply for my family visa after I join the program. I will update once I complete the visa for my family members.