Studio for PR Photo in Atlanta?

Hello Guys ,

Could you suggest any studio in Atlanta area where we could get our digital photos and PR photos done?
I understand that the dimensions for digital photo and PR photo are different. Is that correct?
How many copies of the 50 mm x 70 mm photo are required? And when exactly is it needed in the process? I am asking because if it is more than 6 months old, i wont be able to use it.


I am applying from Atlanta as well. I took the picture for the kids myself and used an online tool to cut into specified dimensions.

We eventually found a nice photo studio to get our PR photos done. I think there is a requirement that the photos must be taken by a professional photo studio and the photographer has to write his name , date etc at the back of one photo.
Here is the one we used in Atlanta, he charges 10-15 dollars for 2 photos.

Passport Fast Photos Buckhead

3115 Piedmont Rd Ne
Atlanta, GA 30305-2529
Local: (404) 261-2900

Hi did your photos got accepted ?

We have not had the chance to submit those yet , but the picture quality is great and it seems to follow all the required specifications.