Study permit Extension

I applied for the Study Permit extension 40 days before the expiry date of the current Study Permit, and the Study Permit Extension application was on paper. Now 40 days are nearly passed (means the existing Study Permit will be not valid anymore) and no acknowledgement came from IRCC (the information on the website says that they only processing now the application arrived on November 2017). The current case processing time for paper application is about 4 more months. If i don’t receive my Study Permit extension, means there would be an interruption in my study process.

I am planning to apply again on line, and if i apply online i get Study Permit extension within a month. IRCC states that we should not duplicate our application as it will cause the delay in the processing. I am confused, can somebody help me ? can we do applications parallely ? what are the risks of applying online when i already sent a paper application
Can some one comment on this

The number of foreign students coming to study in Canada has gone up massively over the last few years and processing times for study permits has gone up. Right on their website they recommend you apply online instead of the paper application.

Unfortunately to my knowledge it seems you have no recourse other than to wait. You cannot and must not file a duplicate application that is a violation.

Have you tried to check on the status of your application directly either using the web form or calling them?
1-888-242-2100 or Web Contact Form

Thanks , will check and update !! Thanks


Can you guys please suggest if there is a short term course possible in Canada ?
Asking for my spouse who has a long gap as could not work and was taking care of kid after education and then some experience in India.
So, we are trying to find some bridge course or short course to study in Canada after PR to get some job. Please suggest. Thanks in advance.