Submitting new profile/ updating current one


I want to delete one of the indian employement experience from my express entry profile. I am yet to recieve the ITA.

Can anyone please tell me if I can update the current one or I have to wothdraw the current one and create a new profile?

Any reponse would be appeciated!


Since you don’t have an ITA yet, it should be easy to just update the current profile.

thnak you @mrandmrs

Hey guys really appreciate the community initiative we have going on here helping each other traverse this processes. I wanted to ask some questions hoping i could get some insights. I submitted my application on May 22 and awaiting bio-metric notification but as it turns out :
A) I have switched jobs and starting a new one on 15 July how should I update this on my profile or should I even do it
B) I submitted my cc statement along with my proof of funds but unfortunately lost the credit card now I have a new account and everything for the replacement card how should I update that

really appreciate your inputs on these
Thanks in advance !!

  1. Since you already have the ITA, you don’t need to update about the new job.

  2. Credit card statements are basically to show that you don’t have much debt and that you usually repay your dues on time. So, technically you don’t need to update this either.

Having said this, if you still want to update IRCC of any changes to your application, you may do so using this webform:

Awesome !! Thanks @mrandmrs