Sustainability with old parents in Canada

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So I am in the US since last 10 years with two kids. As my parents are old and my father is a stroke survivor, I need to take care of them. I am a single earner and have 15 years of tech experience. I am planning to move to canada and to bring my parents there on super visa snd eventually a PR. I know getting a PR is tough for me in the first place because of close to 40 age. But I will try my best to get a PR. But before I put any efforts in getting a work permit or PR, I want to udnerstand or listen from any one who has real experience with bringing old age parents with medical needs in Canada especially on the below points

  1. I read about long hospital wait times for any appointments in Canada. How true it is? Please share any experience you have

  2. How sustainable with respect to financial things with one salary with two kdis, parents in Canada, parents being on SUper visa?

Please share any expereince with respect to how the medical system works especially with parents on Super visa and is it a real challenge to get a prompt treatment?



Given that you’ve been in America for more than a decade, why not wait it out for a green card and move your parents there after citizenship.

You can definitely become a Canadian PR but you’ll have to first come here on a work visa and then after a couple of years your points with Canadian work experience or a PNP will easily get you over the needed cutoff.

As for getting parents to Canada for medical services, unfortunately I think that’s a rather naive idea. You can do your own research but at least in BC, the health system has been in a crisis for a while now with no real solutions in sight. You’re going to be in a real rude shock if you compare health services that you’re used to in America and compare them to what’s available here in Canada. The critical problem here is the lack of access and availability.

From what I gather from the news and friends, Ontario and Alberta probably have it best when compared to other provinces, the Atlantic provinces are a total dumpster fire and the rest of Canada is somewhere in between.

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Pandit ji, I was in the US for 11 years with an approved I140 but no hope of getting GC - It’s hopeless out there.

Medical services are definitely a bummer here in Canada, I stay in Alberta which is known for its best medical/health services - I would say it sucks big time in terms of wait time and quality of doctors - my friend was in the hospital for 21 days and was misdiagnosed with pneumonia and then later found he has other respiratory illness after being in hospital for 21 days. Federal/State government has to invest heavily in this area or make it private.

But 911 call services are generally the same as in the US and can provide immediate care to save a life but post-care and wait time for procedures are the things where Canada’s health care system sucks. Santosh, I have seen many ppl with their old parents here in Canada - it should be fine if we follow healthy life style here.

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Thank you very much both of you for your perspective. It helps me to decide whether to put effort or not. The challenge now is to come
On work visa as getting a PR directly is tough for me and because even for a super visa for my parents , I need to get a PR first. Not sure what will be the timeframe. However, I can get a visitor visa for them while i am on work visa but that would be limited to only 6 months. Do you know if we can extend the visitor visa beyond 6 months without them have to cross the canada border?

Regarding US GC panditji, it’s kind of impossible to get GC, so that’s out of scope. Canada is the only option to bring my parents or to go back to india, but that is sacrificing my kid’s wonderful life here in the west.


I’m not sure if Ontario is great right now :confused: My colleague’s 3 year old caught the RSV virus followed by pneumonia and both parents also got super sick. They had to make multiple visits to the ER and the waits were often 8+ hours long. An x-ray took 6 hours one time. They finally put the kid and parents together in one hospital room overnight, gave the kid meds, etc. so that she finally got better.

I will say that we got very lucky and found a family doctor within 9 months. My husband suffers from sleep apnea and needs a CPAP machine so when we moved here we were able to get a referral from a doc via telehealth. Things moved really quickly and because of the seriousness of his condition he was sent to a sleep clinic and got his CPAP equipment pretty quickly. I was also facing some minor dermatological issues which a teledoc visit helped solved. We had health insurance from work so that helped as week. Things seem to have gotten really bad over the last 6 months or so with ER/urgent care visits frequently being super long.

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