Tax filing in Canada as a PR while living and working in USA


I have my IELTS, ECAs done. CRS score is 453. In process of getting PCC etc. So if everything goes well, my wife and I will do the landing formality and officially start the PR clock in fall of 2019, but we still plan to live and work in the US until fall of 2021 on H1B and then move to Canada. For these two years, will we have to file for taxes in Canada along with filing in USA just because we will be Canadian PRs even though we won’t live or work in Canada yet?

Would appreciate inputs from anybody who has experienced similar situation or have knowledge about it.


You need to be a “ordinarily resident” or “tax resident” in the eyes of the CRA irrespective of whether you’re a citizen, PR, or a temporary resident of Canada. I’ve read that generally, you need to be there for 183+ days in a year and/or earn money in Canada to be considered tax resident. However there are lot of nuances and variations and being tax laws, room for unintended error. So better to consult an tax consultant. Sometimes they do give quick free advice over the phone.


@anshul.v.joshi yeah talking with a tax person makes sense. Could you possibly direct me to a site or something where I can find tax professionals in Canada? Also is CRA Canada’s version of IRS where I can find tax info? Sorry I am being a noob… but this kinda feels like tax 101 all over again that I went through in the US.


Yup, CRA is the Canadian tax authority. Their site is very detailed and easy to read. To file taxes just use TurboTax Canada. As for speaking with a tax professional, honestly just google and talk to a few.


You can call any well-known tax consultants in Canada as Vikram suggested, and some of them will probably give you a free short answer to your question. Just mention that you are a PR living outside Canada.