Track PR card status

I did soft landing via road November 27, 2020. I’ve no clue how to track status of the PR card. The ircc account login doesn’t show anything. Is there a way I can track the status?


You should be able to link your cIC account to your PR card.This is what we did,

  1. Login to CIC account.
  2. Select “Link an existing application to this account”. Click on “Link application to this account” button.
  3. Select category as PR Card
  4. Select “Unique Client Identifier (UCI) and other details”
  5. Fill other details

Once you have successfully linked your application, the status will be “Submitted”.The status should change to “Approved” once the card is dispatched.

Note: Sometimes ( may be due to covid), the application status might not be updated.For instance, even after I received my PR card, my PR card application status was never updated.

I tried linking it but it’s not able to find my application. I tried using all possible combination of family name, DOB, application number, uci. Just raised a web form ticket. Hopefully they can help.


That happens too sometimes.Process is not streamlined due to covid delays I think.

just wanted to let you know I have the same issue. I even submitted a web form but no response. I had to mail an application for PR card because it’s been over 6 months since I did my landing. Online it says it will take approx. 103 days! It’s been 45 days so far. it’s a waiting game honestly… :frowning:

Any updates on the PR cards here ? It’s been 6months+ for me as well. I had given them my US address and was able to successfully link my application to the online account as well.

The account status is “submitted” and the web form replies have been just templates.

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