Transition Study Permit to PR

Hi all,

I applied for PR via FSWP in Oct 2020. I’m enrolled to start grad school in BC in September, and as our PR is still processing, I’m applying for a study permit to get me in in time for school. I’m am applying with an accompanying open work permit for my spouse. We expect to have PR status relatively soon after arriving on student/work visas, and therefore will transfer from temporary to permanent residents while we are already living in Canada. All the info online seems to relate to either temporary OR permanent residents, but I’m confused on how to go about the process if we will relatively quickly change from temp to permanent.

I have some questions relating to this transition, declaring goods, car imports, etc.

  1. When we cross the border for the first time as temporary residents (expecting to soon after be PR), will we need to bring a GTF list?
    1.5) We plan to return to the US shortly after crossing to bring up more stuff from Oregon. We will likely still be temporary residents at this time. Anything special we need to do to bring in a small truckload/Uhaul of belongings, knowing they will ultimately stay permanently?
  2. When we become PR once already in Canada, will we need to declare anything?
  3. If I bring my US car from the start and import temporarily, can I then import permanently later? Financial implications of this? When do I pay taxes?

Any insight on these questions or anything else I haven’t though through would be much appreciated!