Travel overseas post e-apr


Hello All ,

I have recently submitted my application and recieved acknowledgement, I am the primary applicant and I have my wife as dependent. We live in US, now my wife (on H4 visa) is planning for a trip to India in the month of December and return in February 2019.
My concerns are -
Whether it is fine to travel(Only dependent is travelling here) while our appliacation is under process?
What if there is a Passport request from IRCC while she is in India? Can she send the passport to IRCC visa office from India and get that back while she is india? or We can wait until she returns to US and then send passport to IRCC.

Kindly, please advise us in this tricky situation



If I remember correctly you have 30 days to send passport to CIC after PPR. If she’s in India you’ll need to inform CIC over email so that she can submit it to the Canadian visa office in India.


Thanks Anshul


you can even apply for extension by sending email to CIC Ottawa email id which is mentioned in PPR email…

Usually they give 30 day extension but few people got 60 days extension or 30 days extension two times