Travel overseas post e-apr

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I have recently submitted my application and recieved acknowledgement, I am the primary applicant and I have my wife as dependent. We live in US, now my wife (on H4 visa) is planning for a trip to India in the month of December and return in February 2019.
My concerns are -
Whether it is fine to travel(Only dependent is travelling here) while our appliacation is under process?
What if there is a Passport request from IRCC while she is in India? Can she send the passport to IRCC visa office from India and get that back while she is india? or We can wait until she returns to US and then send passport to IRCC.

Kindly, please advise us in this tricky situation


If I remember correctly you have 30 days to send passport to CIC after PPR. If she’s in India you’ll need to inform CIC over email so that she can submit it to the Canadian visa office in India.

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you can even apply for extension by sending email to CIC Ottawa email id which is mentioned in PPR email…

Usually they give 30 day extension but few people got 60 days extension or 30 days extension two times

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We are in a similar situation as @pkasarla. We got AOR on 7th Sep and we need to travel to India in January (which is around the 4 month mark when people usually get a PPR) next year for a wedding. We will likely be in India for a month.

Does anyone know the turn around time of the Canadian Visa office in India?


Posting again, in case anyone has an idea about my question.

Are you in USA?

not sure why are you asking about Visa office in India’s turnaround time … perhaps you think you will send it to india visa office when you reach india… You cannot do that without CIC Ottawa approval… and also you don’t know when you are getting approval so you can’t request to CIC Ottawa well in advance…
better wait for approval… if you get it very early then submit passports from usa… otherwise get an extension approval and submit when you reach back.

@srhere Yes we’re currently in the US and planning to travel back to India in Jan. I will be back in the US in late Jan or early Feb and my wife will remain in India. We are just concerned on how to submit passports if we’re in different countries. You’re correct that we need to wait for our PPR but I just needed information about what our options were in case we get a PPR in late Jan.
I asked this question because of @avj 's comment above about a similar issue.

If you get PPR on the day you’re leaving for India (for a month), you have 30 days to submit passports which means you’re stuck! Hopefully your India ticket is insured! In this case wait for PPR and then ask CIC either for an extension, or process it through the Indian office.

Better you get PPR around 1 month before you go to India… that will be best case and simple without any issues to submit passports from USA…

otherwise if you want to submit passports in india visa office then you need to send email to CIC Ottawa to request change of visa office to India… they may take 1day to 20days to reply…

Suppose you get PPR in late Jan… then also simply you have 30 days to submit passports… come back to USA and submit… If your wife is still in India for another month then request extension to submit passports to CIC… they usually provide 30 days extension easily and many cases they have provided 60days extension also…

I got PPR email on 26th and I submitted extension request email on 28th… went to the india … but i got reply on 27th of next month when 30 days had already completed and i was still in india… I was worried little bit but was hopeful also that they will allow it because case was already reviewed and it was just final stamping step… and also because of reviews based on so many cases getting extension and even getting stamping after 30 days expired when i looked for similar cases over the internet…

by this post, i didn’t mean that it is 100% confirmed that one should take risk … try to avoid travel if possible but if not possible to avoid travel then definitely options are still there to get extension or to change visa office (based on historical data)…

@srhere @avj I think my wife will be in India for the rest of the year. Hopefully there’s some way for her to submit her passport from India while I submit mine from USA?

lets make it simple …how about this.

If you get PPR with enough days before you guys goto india then its simple…

otherwise to make it simple if you get PPR late, perhaps ask your wife to courier passport to you in usa…
and you send your and wife passport together to CIC Ottawa from usa and then when you get it back in usa then send wife passport back to India through courier… (as your wife will be in India for many months)

or any concerns you or Anshul see here…

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