Travelling with an infant without your car

Hi did anyone came to Canada with an infant and without the car? How do you manage to get around? Can you use your own car seat with uber/lyft vehicles?

yeah you need to carry your own car seat as usually drivers don’t have it…

More information for Toronto:

"In Toronto, taxis are considered a form of public transportation. So just like on a bus, passengers are not required to use a car seat in a cab.

But Uber and Lyft drivers must have a car seat to drive around a child younger than eight, less than 80 pounds and shorter than four feet nine inches tall."

Taxis are exempt from the car seat regulations as are buses and other public transportation means.

I don’t think Uber and Lyft are exempt though so you need to carry your own car seat.

I recommend having one which is compatible with a stroller, makes it easy to wheel around the baby and to not have to carry a stroller and a car seat.

Never had a problem with a taxi or uber allowing us to use our car seat, that said you should be familiar with installing it yourself using both the Latch connectors as well as the seatbelt.