Two NOC codes and how to represent on Express Entry Profile

Hi, my case is as follows.

I have 2 years experience as an Assistant Manager( Bank operations) in a private sector bank in India. This is classified as NOC 0122.

I came to US after resigning my bank job, did my masters in Information Technology Management and started working as a Big Data Business Analyst. I have 2 years of experience as a Business Analyst and it has the NOC 2171.

Can I use 2 different codes in express entry profile. Will this be a positive impact or negative impact for my application.

In short yes, see the below thread. There is no negative or positive impact. You will need proof of work letters for each of your NOC job or position. The work experience has to be fulltime (at east 1,560 hours) within the last 10 years. Your education level and degree doesn’t matter when it comes to work experience.

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Hi…i have 1 and half year exp as an assistant professor and then in a travel agecy for 1 and half year…can i claim points for 3 years in my fsw and can i use both noc for my file application pls tell me