UCI _ Medicals for my spouse

Hello all,

I have applied for PR online (Express entry), and the background check is in progress. During this process, I got married. I recently updated IRCC about change of my marital status.

I was asked to submit necessary documentation for my wife.
Question here is: When my wife gets her medical tests, should she use primary applicant’s UCI (my UCI here) ?
She don’t have her own UCI as she isn’t primary applicant and she is just added to my application as spouse. Please help me with this. Thank you a ton.

NOTE: I checked with the person who does medicals, and they seemed to have no idea about this.

Application No is the same in a family application, UCI is unique for every member.

Hi @deepac,
How would my wife get her own UCI number ?
When I updated IRCC with change of marital status, they asked me to pay processing,RPRF fee and fill out the below forms along with medicals.
Updated Generic Application Form for Canada IMM 0008 for yourself and your spouse or
common-law partner (CLP);
 Updated Additional Family Information Form IMM 5406 for yourself and your spouse or
common-law partner (CLP);
 A completed and signed by your spouse or common-law partner (CLP)Schedule A Background/
Declaration IMM 5669;
 Supplementary Information Your Travels form IMM5562 E for your spouse or common-law
partner (CLP);
 If applicable: A completed and signed IMM4509 Statutory Declaration of Common-law Union.

But no where they allotted an UCI number for my spouse. Please help me with this.

Will she get own UCI after submission of payment receipt ?

Thank you

Communication back from them would have your wife’s UCI. For now you can just use your application number which is common, when they issue a COPR or any other communication in relation to your wife would have her UCI.