Unable to decide

Our US visa is expiring shortly and we have still not received I140 as well. But we have Canadian PR ( valid for 3 more years) and our baby was born in US and we have still not sponsored him PR.

My company is most probably not going to allow remote work from Canada due to some reasons. But they are willing to transfer to UK.

So I’m confused whether to migrate to Canada or UK? I feel we worked so hard to get Canada PR and don’t want to lose the opportunity. But worried about getting IT jobs due to tough competition from young folks and high taxes.

And on the other hand for UK we need not worry anything about job as employer is going to take care of everything and some good perks like housing and other stuff.
But need to stay there for more than 5 years to get permanent residency in UK.

So which one do you feel is the best option?
If you were in my shoes which one do you prefer?

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.
Its a personal choice but if I were you - I will never give up Canadian PR - IT market in Canada is heating up - you can work here for 3 years , Enjoy Canada and then you can work in US on TN visa - good deal!

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I am not quite sure how this works, but can’t you extend your US visa (assuming H1B) if I140 is pending? I would first exhaust all options to stay in US and continue working for current employer.

If I were in your place (with wife and baby to support) and I was on the verge of having to exit US in next 2-3 months (with no chance of visa extension) AND had Canada visa approval AND really preferred to live in Canada instead of US, I would have done the following:

  1. I would talk frankly to my employer and told them that I have Canada PR and would really prefer working remotely from Canada, especially given that it is easier to move with a young family. If the employer is reasonable, they should allow you to do that.
  2. If the employer disagrees, I think I would have immediately started looking for jobs in Canada but still started planning to move to UK with current employer. It’s too risky to leave a job without another job with family to support. After you are in UK, I would continue looking for another job in Canada. If I find it, then move to Canada. I know moving back and forth is stressful, but less stressful than looking for a job while unemployed.
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For me UK would be strict NO. Go through reddit and people have first hand experience comparing UK vs Canada.

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It’s personal choice but I think UK immigration/permanent residency/citizenship is as hard as US, if not harder. If you already have the PR just figure out a way to work here remotely or search for a job, since tech industry is solid in Canada (easier said than done, I know, but many people who are in same boat as you do it and works out fine, just need to start the process at some point). They way I see it you still have one more year of stay in the US before moving to Canada or risk losing PR (don’t cut it too close if you plan to move here).

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Thank you for the inputs

Thank you for your inputs. My employer is most likely against working from Canada :neutral_face:

Thank you

Thank you. We really don’t want to let go of our PR. Hopefully things go well and we move to Canada with a job soon…