Urgent general questions

we’re a family of 6 members with onlly 3 qualified members for migrating to Canada and PR. so my concern is if it’s possible for the 3 qualified members to ask for the migration of the rest (MAYBE AS A RIGHT FOR THE QUALIFIED ONES since the other unqualified ones are the mother father and brother) and a right of PR???

another concern is that I don’t really know the average fee for a visa from Saudi Arabia to Canada if anyone here has an idea ???

one last question is if there any other program that can include us all as a family other than the Express Entry skilled workers program???

thanks a loooooooot

You can add them as dependents, if they really are. Can you please provide more details like who’s eligible and how and relation to the non eligible candidates.

As for the fee I’ve made a separate post for that. Check it out.

You can only add spouse and dependent children as accompanying dependents as far as I know, when you immigrate. Anyone else (e.g. parents, siblings etc) will have to be sponsored under family category later.

I don’t know which perspective you’re looking from, but by tech I guess you mean professional jobs, which can provide you enough income to live with your family. As far as sponsorship is concerned I’ve heard about super visa which your parents can use to visit for two years at a time.