US cell number retain or port options

Hello community,

I know there were some discussion about this topic in the past. but,

It’s been a while and I’m in a situation to cancel my US plan as employer would want me to take Canada plan within next 30days as it’s incurring additional $$$ due to US plan use in Canada.

Is there a way to port US number to Canada like same carrier in both territories to do it?

Any cheap and better options to retain or port US number???

There’s absolutely no way to port a US number to a Canadian provider and vice versa.

You can port your number to a service like Google Voice or NumberBarn or, this way you’ll convert your US number to VOIP and then retain it anywhere in the world. Check out the pricing and features to see what makes the most sense for you.

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Thank you!!!

qq, do you recommend porting to Google Voice and then do call forwarding to my new Canadian cell number to get bank OTP’s etc., over above options?

I’ve had a good time with Google Voice, so will vouch for it, but I’m sure the other services are good too.