WES evaluation timeline and document submission details


I had checked all the evaluation agencies before applying to WES and all of them had longer processing times compared to WES. BCIT says their processing time is 8 weeks (roughly 2 months) which is again longer than WES. Additionally, they have suspended the rush processing since end of August 2017.

Here’s a link to BCIT’s processing timeline:

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Does WES evaluate only one degree i mean highest or they will evaluate two?
Also do we need to evaluate for both wife and husband or only for primary applicant?
i am asking this because my husband has distance MBA which he never used or showed anywhere as his B.E. is Computers and more related to work and experience… So we are thinking whether to get distance MBA evaluated (as to get more points) or B.E. evaluated (more matching with experience in IT field).
For me, I have M.Tech so we can get it evaluated if I will be primary applicant.
Please suggest.


They evaluate more than one degree. I have sent my MS and BE transcripts for evaluation.

When creating your express entry profile, if the dependent’s education is added, the evaluation would be required. It is advisable to get evaluation done for both and the highest education be added for both since it would help in getting more points. Irrespective of whether your husband uses his MBA education, you should add the highest degree that you have earned.

Create a WES account and enter all the required data to see what documents need to be provided for each of your universities. Your husband would need to create a similar profile too and follow the same process. Once you enter your degree and university information, they tell you whether you need to submit the transcripts and certificate both or if just the transcripts are enough. For my Indian degree, I had to submit transcripts and degree certificate copy but for my US degree, they wanted just the transcripts.

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Will WES accept transcripts that I got from Indian university 10 years ago? I found some transcripts from my Inidan univeristy that I got 10 years ago they are unopened and sealed. Please let me know.



I have done B.tech and M.Tech through Autonomous institutions in India. Do I still need to get transcripts from both the universities. Pls suggest.


New member guide, Readme!

ECA guide


thanks …

when we guys say transcripts here…then does it mean “Detail Marks Card” which has list of subject names and corresponding score for that semester. Right?
what exactly is there in transcript?


Transcript is what your university/college provides as an official list of grades for all semesters. If you’ve applied for education overseas they will usually ask for it. Whether or not you’ve gotten a transcript before for your degrees, you need to get one now from the university your college is affiliated with, or your college, if it’s autonomous. The transcripts should be sealed and sent directly from the university to the evaluating agency in Canada.


are you sure that it has to be sent directly to WES Canada by university?
I read somewhere we can send it in a bigger envelope keeping the original transcript envelope still sealed…

Also is there a expiry date for a transcript which is still sealed from past?


I am not sure about that since I did mine over a year ago from BCIT and they needed sealed and direct. WES might have a different rule.


I also had my sealed transcripts from when I applied for my masters but they were from my college not the university with which it was affiliated. Call and ask WES if they accept that and if there’s a expiry.


thanks for replies…
one more ques.

Do I need to send transcripts for both B.Tech and M.Tech separately or together to BCIT or WES ?

or Can i get B.Tech evaluated from BCIT and M.Tech evaluated from WES… ?
is there any benefit or problem in this


I think you can do multiple degrees in the same application; i.e. you only send one application form with all the information filled and documents for both degrees to the same institute. You can also do it separately, but might cost you more.

Also, you might not need to count all degrees towards EE as only the highest degree gives you max points. Go through Education Credentials Assessment (ECA) for all degrees?


I submitted by WES request for US Bachelors on 12/15/2017 and received it today 02/02/2018.

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One question about multiple degrees:
In the case of my wife, one of her bachelor’s degrees (she has two) is from India and that Bachelor’s degree is in her maiden name. Does anyone on this forum have experience presenting degrees with a maiden name to WES? I imagine this is fairly routine but was surprised not to see any way to express multiple names on WES’s form.

Also, I was unable to find this topic on their FAQ.

Any pointers are highly appreciated.


Although I still haven’t discovered an explicit maiden name field in the WES process - it is possible to specify different names for each degree. So that is a step forward.

Does the express entry profile allow me to input my spouse’s maiden name? At this point I am wondering which entity will establish that my maiden name spouse is the same individual as my current name spouse.



Just wanted to share my experience here. I got my IELTS results on Friday, so I went ahead and started building my EE profile, but I didn’t realize I would also need my education evaluation results ready to complete the EE profile… This was something that I had overlooked and now I’m at least about a month behind the timeline that I had in mind initially. Hopefully this could be some useful information for others who are currently preparing for IELTS and their education evals.


This is a common problem, what you can do is when creating the WES Profile in the Add Credentials part you will be asked for the name as it appears on the credentials. In there input the maiden name. Additionally you will have to send WES Proof of name change which can be your marriage certificate, passport copy, etc.

Keep in mind even after all of this WES can mess up the name it happens often enough in that case you can either go back to WES or submit as is along with the name change proof to CIC.


I would say make a checklist in a book you’ll have all kinds of details to keep in mind as you progress. In fact maybe I’ll try and make one this week and share.


Thanks ! Thats helpful - writing to WES with additional documents sounds like a great idea.