WES evaluation timeline and document submission details


For MS done in India WES Canada tends to ask for all transcripts that includes Bachelors.


Thank you @anon25417004 :slight_smile:


Thank you @mrandmrs :slight_smile: I did my M.S from US. I will be submitting below documents

  1. B.Tech Consolidated marks Memo India
    2.B.tech Provisional Certificate from India
  2. B.Tech Migration Certificate from India
  3. B.Tech Medium certificate from India
  4. M.S Final marks Memo/Provisional certificate from US

Do you think these documents should suffice ? Please advice @anon25417004 and @mrandmrs



And also Do I have to include my B.Tech individual semester marks sheet as well?



They might ask for senesterwise marksheet. Did you check WES site as to what all they need?


Do you mean attested masrksheets for all semesters from University or just photocopies along with degree and passport etc personal documents?


I mean Do I have to send individual mark sheet for each and every semester or if I send the final consolidated marks memo, Provisional certificate,Migration certificate will be suffice ?


I have checked the WES site but didn’t understand clearly. So thought of checking here .



Once you create an account on the WES site and enter your details, they will provide a list of documents which you need to submit for verification of your degrees.

For my BE, I had to submit official sealed transcripts from the Indian university and a copy of the degree certificate.
For my MS, I had to submit only the official sealed transcripts from the US university. No copy of the degree was asked for.

I was not asked for any separate mark sheets as the official transcripts have all the requisite information. So, create a profile and check what documents WES expects from you.

Here’s a screenshot of the documents which I was asked to submit since I chose to submit evaluation for both the BE and MS degrees.


I am not sure why WES asked for your Indian Transcripts when you have a MS from US. It did not asked in my case.

Is this fairly normal ?



WES actually gives you the option to evaluate just your MS degree, or MS and BE both. I went with both since at that time I wasn’t sure if only the MS evaluation would be accepted and I did not want to waste another month to get my BE degree evaluated. I think it costs the same so I figured it would be easier to just get both evaluated at the same time :slight_smile:


How much time did it take you to get WES eval ? I have been waiting for 15 days now, and started becoming impatient …I know people say it takes a month but would have been good to know if it took less than a month in real for atleast someone…


US MS validation has a quick turnaround. India UG adds around 20 days. So I’m all it does take a month to month and half.

If you sent ALL your documents together, then you have a quicker turnaround of 20-25 days.

Hope this response helps.


Before or after transcript receipt? I did my bachelors evaluation from Univ of Toronto and it took them about 3-4 weeks (after they received transcript) to give evaluation since they were swamped. My Indian university took 2.5 months to send them transcripts.


WES takes total 1-1.5 months…

20 days for final evaluation after all the documents are accepted.

10 days to accept the documents once all are delivered…


Thanks, my WES status says “We received your document(s). We are reviewing your document(s).” since last 9 days. I sent them documents on 1st of May. My wife’s ECA status says the same. The disappointing part is I can’t submit my profile without it… anyway I have been working on police clearance and renewing my passport meanwhile


What is transcript receipt ? I guess all WES says is they received my documents, to put in quotes - “We received your document(s). We are reviewing your document(s).”


I got my ECA from WES today.
One question:

It shows only my highest degree on first page under “CANADIAN EQUIVALENCY SUMMARY”.
and under “CREDENTIAL ANALYSIS” it shows 3 degrees individually under 1,2 and 3

I ordered them to evaluate Masters+Bachelors.

So is this correct summary or should i ask them to add even bachelor’s to “CANADIAN EQUIVALENCY SUMMARY”?

Please suggest.


Nope highest degree is the only one you get points for. If you have two highest degrees like an MS in Physics and one in Comp. Sci then you will be points for both but not for your BS when you already have an MS.


thanks for reply…
i understand about getting points only for highest degree i.e. masters

but i wanted to understand if summary should show both masters and bachelors or not because i entered both masters and bachelors to evaluate when i created profile with wes