WES not evaluating my 2year master as Master! What to do?

Hi All,

Let me know if anyone have similar experience & what you did in this case!

I have 3 yr Bsc (bachelor) and 2yr Msc (Master). Both from Indian universities.

Now, WES report provided me with “two or more certificates, diplomas or degrees” which is 7 points less than masters.

In this case did you opt for any other evaluating body? If yes, then which one is faster in this COVID time? I heard other bodies are evaluating our masters as masters.

Option 2- Can I request other evaluating body to only evaluate for my Masters ? Since my bachelors plus master is done from WES ( just to save some money I spend paying bachelors university again)

With WES evaluation, Im getting CRS score of 455 which is kind of risky as current scores are around 472. This, looking to increase my score where ever possible.

Looking forward to your experiences.

Thank you

This is correct.

You need 6 years of education to be evaluated equivalently to a master’s degree. It could be 4+2 i.e. BTech + MS or 3 + 3 BSc + MCA.

With 5 years of education you’ll be down levelled to a bachelor’s degree.

Get it done from ICAS, they will provide you the evaluation for masters.

For my application, I only got my Master’s degree (my highest degree) evaluated via WES. Afaik, getting bachelor’s degree evaluated additionally wasn’t making any difference to the points. FYI, my education is 5+2 but I didn’t mention my bachelor program’s duration anywhere.
That was 2018 though. Not sure about the current application details.

Any idea what is the processing time for them? Did you apply to ICAS recently?