What after PR, if you are still unsure to move

So suppose we go through the entire PR process and have our PR approved and medicals completed, then we have 1 year to move before the PR expires. Suppose this is May 2019 expiry, on PR activation.

Since I am currently in US, can I move for 1 week to Canada for a vacation and get my PR activated or there is some minimum time we need to stay to get it activated?

I am aware of the fact that we need to stay 2 Years out of first 5 for it to hold true, but need details on activation

It is 1 year from your medical check not from PR confirmation. Yes you can fly in anytime before that using the temporary visa and the PR confirmation to claim your PR. At this point you are considered a landed immigrant and your 5 year PR clock starts. You will have to provide an address and maybe show proof of funds. The PR cards will be sent to that address.The address has to be one in Canada. There is an online link to check status of PR cards.

Many people I know provide their friends addresses who then forward the cards to them. Keep in mind you are free to come in to Canada over a land border (drive or bus) using just your landed PR document (If you don’t have PR cards). For example drive in from Buffalo to Toronto.

So that means there is no Min on the stay to activate the PR while visiting the very first time.

No there is no minimum time you have to spend in the country after claiming landed PR. However since you do claim it you have to have spent 2 out of 5 years in the country to maintain PR.

As a follow-up to above conversation: As stated to maintain PR, you are required to stay for 2 years within a 5-year period. Does this 2-year stay have to be prior to expiry date stated on PR card? Or can a PR enter Canada with only 1.5 years left for PR card to expire and still fulfill the 2-year requirement, staying beyond the expiry date? For e.g. if my PR card expired in Oct 2019, can I move to Canada in say, Jan 2018 (will I be allowed to enter) and stay till Jan 2020 and still meet residency requirement? (Much as though we are trying to move soon, I am looking at an alternate plan to move after few months, if the current move does not pan out, hence this question)

If you have an expired PR card you might not be allowed to board a flight to Canada by the airlines. In this case your only option is to drive in with your landing record.

This is one of those questions best asked to a lawyer. From what I have heard since you have 1.5 years left you will be allowed in (with questions) however you will have problems when filing for renewal and would have to convince a judge to why he should renew it.