What happens after I get PR. And how long do I have to land and claim PR


Say that I submit my medical report, police certificates etc after I get my ITA …and my application is approved by CIC.

Then what happens?

Am I issued a PR Travel Document?

And before how long I can set foot on Canadian soil ? 6 Months or 1 year?

I’m hearing conflicting answers so I wanted to check with you guys.

Also, for how long is the PR card is issued? 5 years?

You will have to mail in your passport which will be returned with a visa. This visa will have an expiry date of one year from your medical report. You will also get what is called Confirmation of PR document.

You now have up to the expiry of your visa to land in Canada (In the province you mentioned). This will make you a landed immigrant. Your proof of funds could also be checked here. You will then have to provide a Canadian address to mail your PR card to. You are now free live in Canada or travel anyplace you like. You will need your PR card to fly back into Canada. You can drive back without PR cards and only the Confirmation of PR document. Keep this document safe it’s very important.

PR is forever but the card expires in 5 years. You have to live in Canada for 2 / 5 years to maintain the card and 3 / 5 to be eligible for citizenship.


You mean “an expiry date of one year from your medical report”?

Yes I meant “an expiry date of one year from your medical report” sorry :grinning:

That’s great information. So if my medical report date is June 30, 2018 then my likely expiry date would be June30, 2019.

is there a way to extend this date ?