What Should I choose between WES and Other organizations for ECA?

Hi Friends,

I am yet to create Express Entry Profile, before that I am collecting all the required documents and get the ECA done. Now I bit confused which organization have to select for ECA, recently I got to know that for PNPs WES assessment is not valid, whereas assessment done through ICQA is accepted anywhere in the Canada.

Can anyone please help me here? Based on your personal experience, what would be better option for me to go ahead with?

Thanks in advance,

WES was pretty bad in 2016 when I got my ECAs done. I had positive experience with Univ of Toronto and BCIT (the only other ones I contacted other than WES). However recently people have been quoting delays from these two and preferring WES instead.
Since ECA is the first step in even submitting EE profile, I would recommend choose the one that’s quickest. In fact if you can spare some money I’d work with two of these concurrently.

Thanks, for the clarification.