When scheduling the Medical Exam what category (Student, Visitor, Worker) to select?



I recently received my ITA and tried to schedule a Medical Exam. But the doctor’s office wants to know what category is it (Student, Visitor, Worker) ?

They said they need to put that on the form, and won’t be able to schedule the appointment without that information.

What did you guys select ???

Also, I am trying to get it scheduled in NJ or NY.



Tell them it’s for immigration purposes. If they popped up on IRCC’s website then they should know IRCC needs medical exams for PR applications.


We had this issue when we did our medical, none of the catagories the medical clinic could choose said “express entry” or related. We gave them our ITA number but that didn’t help either. They said they could use a UCI number but we only get UCI much later in the process. So we choose “worker”and it worked out fine. But please note that this was more than a year ago. Things may have changed.


For my doctor in Provo (Utah), I said “immigration” and they understood.


Ok, quick update. I tried scheduling the next day, and they didn’t ask for the category.

For anyone else facing the same issue, I suggest try persuading them your own way.