Where can I take the photos in Indiana?

I’m afraid walgreens and CVS wouldn’t be able to conform to the specifications. Is there any place that can do in the Lafayette area of Indiana?

Thanks in advance!

Hello Atacama,

Get photos online, it worked for me and it has worked for many. I recently got my family’s PR cards .

Step 1. Click your own picture from cell phone or camera
Step 2. Go to and upload your best raw image. Pay 7 dollars and get your Canadian photos to exact specifications on 4x6 sheet online.
Step 3. Go to and upload the 4x6 sheet and select matte finish, choose nearest Walmart or CVS whichever you prefer (just for printing the 4x6 sheet), because specifications are already set by vistafotos.
Step 4. Find any dummy studio address in your nearest city and write the studio information at the back
Step 5. Ship it to CIC.

Please click a decent photo on your cell phone with neutral expression and good daylight.

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Thank you akel!