Work Experience Concerns

I have a few questions regarding work experience

  1. I still saved official employment contracts from my previous jobs. However, most of them are in Vietnamese and do not have letter heads. They do have official stamps from the companies though. Do they count?

  2. One of my previous employers dissolved through an M&A. How can I get proof from that company?

  3. I have been working as a Graduate Assistant at school for 2 years. Does that count?

Thanks guys


  1. You have to provide official translation along with the certified copy of the documents in other language.
  2. As long as the letter is on a official letterhead (of the original company, the new company, or the company your manager works for now), and is according to CIC specifications it should be fine. It’s prudent to add all the official letters from previous company such as offer letter, resignation letter, paystubs (if you have them).
  3. No. It should be a full-time position.