Work experience letter and proving my work experience

I have worked with 4 Employers, I have detailed experience letter from 3 on their letter head but not from my current employer.

My question here is why would my current employer provide me with detailed experience letter, even if we request it, would be asked for why?


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When in the process, should we submit the experience letter from the current employer? Would it be prior receiving the PR?

After you get ITA and before you submit your application for PR.

How to request experience letter from the current employer before the resignation? I wouldn’t like to disclose the Canada immigration to the current employer before the PR approval. Any tips?

This is a valid concern as it’s a delicate subject to bring up with the current employer. I would also love to hear how others have handled this.

If I could add a related question: personally I have access to the official job description on company letterhead which matches my position exactly but without my name on it. I guess this is logical, it’s a job description describing the specific job not the employee. If I’m able to provide the job description and my offer letter (or a letter of employment verification), which will match up regarding the title, will that be considered sufficient?

This is the exact letter I used, as in got from my employer. The entire thread is along the lines of your question and the person has similar concerns.

If you have 3 or more years of experience with previous employer, you can just show that for your PR purpose. Foreign Work experience gets maxed out at 3 years. you dont have to mention your current employers name if you are satisfying 3 plus years experience




Can anyone tell if contract experience is acceptable for experience…?
I have about 3 years experience in India but it says contract basis on the experience letter.

Also, I don’t have pay slips because it was not an IT company, I was teaching in some college… but I am trying to find bank statement and/or form 16. Is that sufficient?

You mentioned above “last 3 years”. Is that really valid. I thought experience can be in last 10 years because from last many years I am not working.


Only 3 years’ worth of non-Canadian work experience is counted. Anything above that does not give you any more points.

Whatever kind of work you did, the important part is to get a letter on (preferably) a letterhead, with your supervisor’s signature, and the job description should match the description of you NOC code.


If my institute is not giving me detailed experience letter, then i understand i can get it signed by a colleague…
should that be on institute’s letterhead?
should it be notarised in india by my colleagure?

or Can (a colleague who also left institute now) sign it and notarize?

Not sure about the notarization part, although it won’t hurt.
You can also attach the email from the institution declining your request for the letter, and add these details to letter of explanation.

thanks Anshul… actually its an engineering college… they don’t have a personalized email id… the communication is either on phone or their gmail id… so not sure if it will work…

It’s hard for anyone to give you an exact answer to this question. In the end its an officer with CIC that will be looking at you documentation and needs to be convinced. There have been situations I am familiar with that people have not been able to get proof for their work experience and could not claim it even though I believe
they had the experience. The more you do to help stick to their guidelines and to convince the officer of the legitimacy of your proof of work the higher the chances of it working in your favour.

Thanks…good thing is I found one year’s form16… So I think that can be good as proof in combination with bank statement showing salary credited, college’s experience letter, reference letter with duties… Although found even one pay slip also but thats just kinda simple print…
I have one form26as also which shows college deposited tax for my pan no and even found one-two event participation certificates during my tenure in college…

This all was some years ago and after that I haven’t worked so was difficult to collect.

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Hi All,

My title is Information Services Developer, which is not mentioned on the CIC website. My duties are akin to that one under NOC Code 2172 (Database Analysts and Data Administrators).

Will it be fine if the duties and responsibilities are similar to code 2172 but the title is different in my application?

Can’t job titles be different for organizations ?


As long as the specific duties mentioned under 2172 match the ones given on your reference letter it should be OK.


we are creating express entry profile for this wednesday’s draw…

  1. do we need to enter all 11year experience of primary applicant (spouse) in the “work history” section or only for 3 years?
    Asking this as primary applicant has experience from multiple companies with multiple designations… so we are not sure if entering all 11 years here will require reference exprience letter for each designation during those years… or can we still give experience letter of one company to prove minimum 3 years…
    or should we simply show 3 years “work history”
    Please suggest.

  2. do we need to enter “work history” for the secondary applicant even though no points given for that?

If you enter 11 years under work history you might have to show reference letters for all of them. Instead, you can count up to 3 years under work history and add the remainder under personal history so that you can show you have total 11 years, with 3 which you are claiming points for, and remainder 8 years as a point of information for them under personal.

I’ve guven answer about secondary applicant in a different post.


Thanks…so do we get option of personal history in pre-ita profile or post-ita profile?

In the post-ITA phase

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