Work experience letter and proving my work experience

so the problem is my managers are not ready to give anything on company’s letterhead…
is it fine on the plain paper or on a paper with just company logo…

i have one more question…

my previous company’s joining letter says “Asst. Systems Engineer” … all pay slips say “Asst. Systems Engineer” except the last one which says “Systems Engineer”. Also the relieving and experience certificate says “Systems Engineer”

Now I am confused how to represent it to CIC… i entered earlier “Systems Engineer” …
Do I need to change it to “Asst. Systems Engineer” or add both of these… or should I keep it and just give them last payslip+experience letter… and should not give joining letter or any of other payslips. this way “Systems Engineer” will be okay…
Please suggest

You mentioned three but there are only two options letterhead or plain paper. Plain paper with a logo that you print is not an official letterhead its just a plain paper (Also don’t do this). In the event you are unable to get a formal letter from the company for whatever reason you can get one from a colleague or better yet your manager.

The letter must also state the reason why the formal letter is unable. Reason could be “company does not provide such documentation”. The letter must be signed and include the managers full name, company address, phone, email, etc. And quite obviously include your role and responsibilities. This combined with pay slips, etc will go a long way to convince the officer of your proof of work.

It should be fine status prefixes like Senior, Junior, Asst. are ignored when choosing an NOC. All that matters is Systems Engineer and for how long.


thanks… this clears many doubts…


While filling up the EE profile, I had entered my current job under NOC 0213 (Computer and Information Systems Managers) for the current job as well as to base our application on this NOC. However, my current employer’s HR is not providing an employment letter with job responsibilities (I had requested that I want this letter for immigration/Canada visitor visa, so they gave a generic letter. For the time being, I dont want to be specific and mention that I want the letter for Canada Immigration).

For my previous jobs, I have entered all those under 2171 (Information Systems Analysts and Consultants) and I do have appropriate Job experience letters for them. This work experiences is > 3 years.

Following are my questions

  1. While filling up the ITA, shall I change the application NOC code and current job application code to 2171 (instead of 0213); upload the generic experience letter from the current employer? I am hoping that I will still receive the full work experience points as I do have detailed prior experience letters for 3+ years. Would having a different NOC codes during EE and ITA create a problem? Any other issues that would be arising due to this?

  2. For my wife, she has work experiences in US and India. However, it wont be possible for her to get detailed work experience letters from India. While filling up the EE profile we had entered all the work experiences, but while filling up the ITA application would it be ok if remove her India’s work experience as we wont be able to get the detailed experience letter? Or shall we just keep all the work experiences and upload the relieving letters for Indian work experiences.

I would really appreciate if you would provide you thoughts.


Can anyone provide insight on the above topic? Thanks

  1. Many people do change their NOCs after getting ITA. The idea is that as long as they are in A,B, or 0 class it’s acceptable for express entry. You don’t really get a score for a particular NOC but for number of years. So changing it should be OK as long as the job duties in the letter match the NOC description. Just mention the reasons for change in the letter of explanation.

  2. You can also get the letters from former colleagues on plain paper with proof that you tried but HR/manager refused (e.g. printout of email reply etc.). Also upload pay stubs, other official docs if possible. If your points don’t reduce below threshold (in case CIC decides that particular job cannot be counted because of lack of proof), you should be OK. It’s your responsibility to ensure whatever proofs you submit for claimed points are according to CIC standards so that it keeps your points above cutoff.

Thanks a lot for your valuable insights! It is indeed helpful

One quick question, I have put only 1 year of experience for my ITA, Can I add my internship roles under my personal history ? So that I don’t have to produce LORs for them ?

Is this advisable ?

yes, you can add internships, non paid work, and other details in personal history. You are not required to submit LOR for personal history stuff.

Same goes for my undergrad degree ? As it has not been counted for my points. I have my ECA for US’s Master Degree.

Thank you so much for your response.

How strict is the letterhead requirement? From the websit I got this rule-

  • should be an official document printed on company letterhead (must include the applicant’s name, the company’s contact information [address, telephone number and email address], and the name, title and signature of the immediate supervisor or personnel officer at the company ),

However, my company gave me a letter and it just has a logo on top left. Then at the bottom, there’s a footer with the logo, address, and phone number.

The letterhead doesn’t contain my name. Is this okay? The content of the letter is good. It has my name and everything else.

Also, do I have to mail the printed paper or can I submit a PDF?

Thank you in advance!!

However, my company gave me a letter and it just has a logo on top left. Then at the bottom, there’s a footer with the logo, address, and phone number. – this is letterhead only

The letterhead doesn’t contain my name. Is this okay? The content of the letter is good. It has my name and everything else. – if the content have ur name then its fine

Also, do I have to mail the printed paper or can I submit a PDF? – everything upload,pdf is ok

I’m sorry if this has been asked before. How to prove your work experience when you have funded and worked for your own company?

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Yes, UG can be used in personal history. But didn’t WES include UG in your MS ECA?

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It’s not that strict as long as it’s an official letterhead. All documents have to be submitted online for online applications.

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You should have access to some official documents for the company you own that has your position, salary, tax documents with your name on it etc. Maybe get one written from co-founder if one exists. In this case I would choose self-employment option where applicable.

WES just asked for my US Masters’ transcript and in their WES evaluation certificate, they just highlighted Equivalent to Canada Masters.

I guess this is the standard procedure.


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Yes it is. Sometimes they make a mention of the UG because you can’t get MS without UG and University would have validated it. Regardless your highest degree is counted for points so you can mention UG in personal history. @avj : Thanks for your guidance!

In the personal history section, my US Masters dates and start of employment dates are overlapping.

Graduation Date : August 21 2014 - December 23 2017

Work Experience : 21 August 2017 - Till Date.

Is that fine ?

Moreover I did CPT whose dates are also being covered under my Masters Duration. So no need to mention them, right ? Just my Masters duration is sufficient ?


Don’t worry about overlap. Anything where you’ve been paid (whether part-time or full time work or internships, excluding RA/TA/GA etc) counts as long as you can get reference letters for them. Which means your work experience from aug 2017 + your CPT (presumably 3 months) long.

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