Work Experience


I have been working in the USA since Jan 2011 for the same employer under different positions.
First Position: Accounting Intern
Second Position: Staff Accountant
Third Position: Business Management Analyst

Should I ask for 3 different reference/work experience letters from my employer.



No you need to get one letter which details the timeline of your employment and the positions you held. It’s important that all the years of experience you claim should match the NOC you are using. See the below link for more information on the work experience letter.


Thanks Vikram. Regarding the NOC number my current work experience is in providing support to employees with windows operating system, maintain and work on any issues with exchange server, developing customized reports for management using SQL queries, developing and maintaining company website. Some of the job responsibilities are related to IT, In my previous position i had accounting responsibilities. How can I find a NOC number. Thanks for your help again


Hey there,

The easiest way to do this is to click the following link and follow the instructions under “Find your job title, code and skill type”. What you want to find is a NOC code where you have completed most of the duties listed in the job description. Hope this helps and best of luck.


I’m fairly certain you will not find an NOC number that includes IT work and Accounting. You will have to pick the one where you have the most years of experience and recent. Be sure to pick an NOC number that matches what your employers proof of work letter will say you did.


Thanks Vikram. Vikram what is your personal email address. Can I email you here



@sontisur sure that email works.