Work Permit to PR timelines

Dear, Community.

A Canadian Employer has applied for my LMIA; it has been 10 days since, and I am awaiting their decision.

Hoping that the LMIA decision is positive, I am planning to apply for a Work Permit as I can take my family along with me compared to PR where it is expected that my wife, too, completes an English exam.

If I do get a work permit, may I know the time lines regarding when I can start applying for a Canadian PR, and what would be the best possible way to do that.

Thank You.

you don’t need to wait for the work permit for applying PR.
You can claim the 50 points as soon as you get the LMIA approved.
Congratulations on the LMIA and job offer.
Process will be same, like in a regular EE application.
but if you enter Canada before ITA, there might be few more things which I am not aware of but I hope @anon51722411 can help. I can help on PR application before moving to canada.

Hello, Sir/Madam.

Thank You for the response.

I have applied in Express Entry, and I stand at 416 points.

However, this is my understanding regarding PR ( do correct me if I am wrong ); even if I apply for a PR, I cannot take my family with me right? as my wife did not complete her IELTS, and it is mandatory for the dependent applicant.

Hence, I thought I would go for a work permit, and apply for a dependent work permit without any problem.

Is my understanding correct?

If my wife and I get the Work Permit approved, how long I need to wait before I apply for a PR?

Thank You.

you don’t need IELTS for your dependents if you are not claiming points for it. (Though it will be useful once you reach there). so if you are meeting cutoff without IELTS for your wife, you can still go ahead. I assume your score is 416 before LMIA approval so you should easily meet the cutoff based on current trends once LMIA approval comes.
there is no dependency between when you apply work permit and when you apply PR. all you need is LMIA approval number for PR application.

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