Working in USA - Want to Move Canada


It’s not a discrimination, I think it’s a help to H1B visa holders, affected by current US policies, find and land an opportunity in Canadian market


That’s what my impression has been, too. But I hesitated to call out the person. So I asked the poster to elaborate on one of the other threads, and they kind of conflated things about US experience and Trump administration and some other things which was a strong red flag for me, personally. So, I stopped engaging in that conversation. Hope we get to discuss only honest information on this forum and swat aside any possible kind of fraud.


You are not making any sense. If GTS is what you are talking about how does it even matter whats the status of that engineer in a different country. H1B or OPT how does it matter. Even a person on OPT in the end has 3 years experience. This is clearly another shady scheme since you havent shared any link nor elaborated in a coherent manner. I request movnorth admins to take a note of this.


For God sake, Please stop. Those who are on OPT or F1 visa in US are not dumb people. Giving priority to H1, recommending H1, We only prefer H1 we are fed up on these stupid things here in US. The worst and saddest part is US not not at all giving priority to students those who are coming here to peruse their education unlike Canada. This is so shameful, we pay a lot of tuition fee etc in the span of 2 years and at the end we get nothing but these stupid requirements. FYI, I’m not against to H1.