2 Years experience 2 different NOC but very similar



I got graduated in 2015 and have worked in 2 different companies for 1 year each.

in IT, the job titles are very vague because duties can be spread across multiple roles

Here is the problem…

I did my express entry application as (2171 - Information systems analysts and consultants) because my work experience of 2 years matches very closely with the duties mentioned under this NOC.

Now received the invite and I requested my 1st employer to write me an employment experience letter…
but they wrote me a letter with duties that are matching less with 2171 but more with ( 2172 - Database analysts and data administrators) where as the 2nd employer’s experience letter’s duties are matching closely with the 2171…

What shall I do in this scenario?

Option 1 - Shall reject the Invite and re-apply in the pool with 2 years experience in 2 different NOC?

Option 2 - Continue my application with existing invite (under 2171) and show the work experience in 2 different NOC (2171 for one year & 2172 for one year)?

Option 3 - Continue my application with existing invite (under 2171) and show both year’s experience in the same original NOC (2171)?


No need to decline. Option 2 sounds good as long as you’re able to select two NOCs (presuming both your reference letters match respective NOCs).