3 months old NRO account as proof of funds

Hello Friends/Seniors.

I am writing to you guys with another question and I desperately need help. I have been working in New Zealand for almost 2.5 years now and I always had a account in NZ bank and one Indian bank which has a branch here in NZ. However in July, I opened up a NRI account in the same Indian bank but in Delhi branch and transferred all my funds. Now my local bank does not deal with Canadian currency and hence they are unable to provide a POF certificate and they are asking me to get from Delhi.

Now I have two questions which I am not sure about.

  • Would CIC accept a POF certificate from an NRI account, that too from Delhi, while I am living in New Zealand
  • The NRI account is only three months old, and the CIC ask for last six months. Although they are same bank, they are in different countries, how do I establish that link that they are the same funds. Do I even need to that.

Any help to resolve the situation would be great help. Please seniors and fiends help out here,

Sorry if I missed it in your original post, but if you live in NZ then why don’t you show Kiwi dollars from a local bank account as the proof of funds?

The reason being that My bank here does not deal in Canadian currency and they are able to provide it. My bank branch in India have provided that certificate and its a 4 month old account. Do you think a letter of explanation or a certificate that the funds were moved to Indian branch would suffice to prove that link between the two accounts

Why do your funds need to be in CAD? I know for a fact that many people show USD funds as proof of funds.

I think you should be able to show NZD as proof of funds and attached a letter with details of the exchange rate. NZD is a stable and mature currency recognized worldwide.

Thanks , that solve a lot of problems. Would they require bank statements as well from the bank

It’s been a while since I last looked at what they exactly asked for, but typically it helps to show a clear picture of your finances via bank statements with money coming in regularly (salaried income). If there are any major deposits or withdrawals, it’s a good idea to explain in a cover letter.

That has helped me a lot. I understand what the way to go forward would be. I understand POF with an explanation letter would be sufficient to submit. Thanks a lot for all the help