4031 - Requires provincial teaching certificate

My wife has experience has 5 years experience in 4031 - Highs school teacher.

Employment requirements

  • Membership in a provincial or territorial teachers’ association or federation may be required.
  • A provincial teaching certificate is required.

Does this means she can not use 4031 for points? She is in IT now but IT experience is less than 3 years.

We just got PR with noc code 4031 as primary applicant. She had 3.5 years teaching experience from India.
I think these requirements apply only if in future your wife want to take a teaching job in canada. you don’t need these when applying for permanent residency.

Thank you.

In experience letter did you mention salary? My wife was in govt school. I dont think Head Mistress can mention salary when it paid by State govt. We have Form 16.

yes we mentioned salary in CAD and it was a govt. school. they couldn’t provide a letter head though and we explained the same in LOE.