A diabetic person going for medical tests


Ok so looks like our medicals are passed too. It wasn’t updated until last week but today it’s showing the status - you passed the medical.

Looks like sometimes we don’t necessarily get an email about Medicals passed. We didn’t get the mail but the status is updated in my profile online.


Wonderful :smile: congratulations


Any status update? @gondekar.aparna


Hi @Canadadreams, yes we got our medicals passed mid december, though we didnt get any email on status update, noticed the change on my account while regularly visiting the page.

we got our RFPF request today so hopefully our application is processing. fingers crossed. :slight_smile:

how are things with you?


Wow that sounds great… No idea about our application as it’s in our consultant’s hands. They should update us on any update we get… Will touch base with them on 18th…


Basically we paid off rprf upfront, so we won’t be getting any request…


Hi @gondekar.aparna can u plz tell me ur actual aor, if u r single or family and ur stream…
Mine is Nov 2nd, family of 4 and fswo India…


Hi @canadadreams,
My AOR is 20th Oct, family of 3, husband, 3yr old daughter and myself. I am the primary applicant. Applied under Express entry FSWO, Currently Working in US.

Did you get any updates from your consultant?


No Andi… She is testing me literally! When we ask for the status every 15 days, they don’t even respond as there is no update at all. I keep asking her for a screenshot of the progress bar and the status details just to know the number of weeks it shows… But anyway u r way ahead of us as our AOR is Nov 2nd. So u will be sort of a benchmark for me :slight_smile:


Any updates @gondekar.aparna I am getting too restless day by day andi. I wonder when will we get the PPR, u should apparently get it before me


Hi @canadadreams, yes we got out PPR email on 13th feb. yours should be coming soon :slightly_smiling_face:


Ohhhh fantastic :smile: congratulations yaar