A diabetic person going for medical tests


Posting this on behalf of my friend…
My friend is the main applicant and her husband is diabetic 2 ( I guess that’s some level in diabetes). They have their medical tests ahead and he got all entire urine and blood family of tests done and got the results with extreme sugar levels. So they postponed the tests to get his blood sugar under control by changing the medicine. Would high blood sugar levels really matter? Also they need to finish off their tests asap as their appln deadline is approaching. So any home remedies to control it within a week? Or do they need to wait for the sugar levels to stabilize? Anyone who were in this situation, please let me know of your experiences.


During the medical test the doctor would definitely ask if the person being tested has any medical conditions. In this case it’s best to answer honestly because they can find out such things in the tests.

I would recommend talking to a doctor for medical advise regarding lowering blood sugar.


Be truthful about the medical history. The doctor will do the examination and the panel of physicians will take the final decision.

In my opinion if the diagnosis and medication is already in place, then it should not be an issue. Conditions like blood pressure, diabetes, etc. are controllable and doesn’t cost too much for treatment. In my opinion conditions such as diabetes, blood pressure etc. should not be the cause of medical rejection but again I am not an expert on this.


Thanks Anshul and Sherwani! Hope everything goes well…


I am in a similar situation. I am the primary applicant and while we had our medical tests done, we found out that my husband is type 2 diabetic. The panel doctor asked us to speak to a primary care and get a plan to control the diabeties that we should submit to him for the diabeties before the panel doctor can submit his final report to IRCC. My husband has been put on medication for diabetes now and also a nutritionist is monitoring him with his diet habits etc.

I am not sure how serious this could be or if this could be considered for grounds of refusal. I will update once we get the decision. But I would like to know if there is any one in the group with any medical history and they were approved?


First of all diabetes is not a medical condition and so nothing to worry as it won’t be considered for refusal. Secondly, if you knew about the diabetes before hand, then they might not have asked for tht plan. Now that it got discovered for the first time in the medical tests, they are just making sure that you act upon it and get it under control before u step in Canada, and probably also to make sure that the medication won’t turn out to be costly. Just ask your husband to exercise or at least brisk walk for 20 mins everyday so that everything will come under control just in case they call for any medical tests in future. It takes just 10 - 15 days to get the blood sugar down. They might also add an additional test called serum creatinine to check his kidney functionality. If that’s also fine, then there will be nothing to worry. I am telling you all this bcz even my husband is diabetic type 2 :slight_smile: u can discuss further on this with me at premany@yahoo.co.in as we both are on the same boat.


Thanks @prabhakar_meduri, will touch base with you over email :slightly_smiling_face: btw, have you submitted your ITA? We just did a week ago.


If you are OK to do so, please let us know about the progress of your PR application with the aforementioned medical condition, as I have heard of multiple cases where people had to go to the physician with pre-existing conditions.


hi guys… i have a similar situation. my husband is diabetic and in his medicals, he admitted the same. so they added an additional test, serum creatinine in his medicals. we are yet to receive the results. will update you once we get them. we just submitted our appln on nov 2nd. @gondekar.aparna, did you receive your medical results? if so, when did u receive them?


infact i had a bit tough situation. we had to postpone my husband’s medicals by 10 days as his sugar levels were very high. even his hba1c test value was too high. so he had to get his blood sugar and also cholesterol levels down before going to the test. however, hba1c will still be high (i heard that even this test is included in the medicals). so no idea as to how would it go. anyway, just waiting for the results.

i have another query… when exactly does our application processing start once we submit it. does it start immediately or after a week or so?


@avj, sure will do. Our AOR is October 20th. So far the status hasn’t been updated but I am hoping it will change in next few weeks. I will update once I hear more.


Hi @canadadreams, yes did our Medical’s on September 27th but we’re referred to local doctor for further tests. The medical doctor for IRCC mentioned that they need a report and plan of action from the local doctor about our case before they can submit the case to IRCC. The local doctor provided a details report along with letter of confirmation about the plan I.e the medicines, test, nutrition etc we will be taking care of in order to look after diabeties. Since we got to know about diabeties in these tests and the HBA1C was extremely high in my husbands case, there were extra tests done. The final report submitted to IRCC contains all these extra report too. And it was only 2 weeks that the medical practitioner submitted my husbadn’s case to IRCC.
So, we actually submitted our ITA only with the acknowledgment letter we had received after the tests were done.


Did you get ur medicals passed result?


@canadadreams, not yet. Still waiting. How about you?


Same here andi… Eagerly waiting for the results. I guess it will take 1 complete month


@gondekar.aparna there is a what’s app group for Nov 2018 AOR candidates. U can find the link to this group here - https://www.canadavisa.com/canada-immigration-discussion-board/threads/november-2018-aor-join-here.592753/page-2

If at all u want to join…


We got our medicals cleared on Dec 4th…


That’s great! We are still waiting on our, hopefully soon!


Thanks @canadadreams, will check out. Though my AOR date is from October, will check if there is one for October :slight_smile:


Ya hope for the best :slight_smile: