Adding a child and filling out IMM0008/ IMM5406 (expired COPR for primary applicant)

Hi everyone,

We received CoPRs in early 2020 (expired in Oct 2020) but couldn’t travel that time since we were expecting a baby in Dec/Jan. Recently CIC reached out couple of days back asking if we are still interested in immigrating to Canada. We responded with all prior emails where we had been trying to reach asking for updates etc.

Our Express Entry profile got updated today asking for more documentation, namely:

1/ Pay dependent fee $225 and send receipt of the same
2/ Forms
IMM 0008;
IMM 5406.

It is in #2 that I’m a little confused, perhaps because it has been a Long time since we last filled any application pertaining to Canada PR.

If anyone can help with the below questions in IMM0008 (instructions guide does not load for me at all. tried via multiple computers/ browsers)

1/ Category under which you are applying

  • we received our PR through Ontario PNP. So should I put that under ‘Other’?
  • should we also choose FSW, or no?

2/ How many family members including yourself are included in this application

  • I’m assuming this would 3 (myself + spouse + child)
  • or should this just be for the child, and so I have it as 1

3/ Visa office requested for process of your application

  • no idea what this should be, as all prior stuff was done online / mail etc.
  • I live in NY/NJ area. should I put this as ‘New York’, or can I leave this blank?

4/ Under Level of Education, I’m unable to select PhD as an option. Again, not sure if this is an issue and if it is fine if it just leave it as Masters under highest level of education completed (but keep the number of years of education including the PhD as well)

again, sorry if this is basic, but all we are expecting is to submit an application for the child to an existing application. . but looks like I’m being asked to submit a whole brand new application, so not really clear on this

Anyone with experience in this process above - please chime in here, or DM directly as well.


I also added a child to the application, around the same time as you. However as my baby was born before the COPR expired and I informed them beforehand I guess the rules were different as I did not have to fill any forms except pay the application fee and take a medical exam.
I would strongly advise to contact IRCC by webform and tell them that you are not able to access the instructions

Thanks. Unfortunately due to deadline in responding to the original IRCC request, I didn’t have the luxury of reaching out to ask CIC and wait for their response.

I created a word document with all the baby’s info (Including pictures etc) and sent that as PDF. No updates yet from CIC. Will post here if any updates, in case any others are in the same boat.

Hi, were you able to hear back?

We received request to redo medicals in November for me and my wife, so that was sent along with the other forms mentioned above.

After that, have not heard back.

However, in January, I observed that my profile has been updated and I now see a UCI with my kid’s info.

No other email / message / communication. I’m not holding my breath - if it happens, happens.

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We received medical exam forms for my kid the same evening after I pasted the above message ((maybe IRCC is monitoring this thread?)).

Plus we got another email to pay additional $75 CAD fees for additional family member, even though I distinctly remember paying that already about 6 months back when they asked us to fill out the IMM008 forms. Anyways, that is all done.

Now waiting to get his medicals done later this week. Our son is `14 months old, so I was a little concerned that they would be putting him through x-ray, blood samples etc unnecessarily. The doctor’s office told us that it is going to be mainly developmental milestones and vitals check; no blood/urine/xray thing for kids, which is a relief. [Also, for those interested, the cost is $160 here in NJ/NY]

Will post back here if there are any updates once the medicals get sent by the doctor’s office.