Adding dependents to my Application

I am new here and I would really appreciate any help or pointers to my PR application. Since June I have been submitting webforms to add my dependents to my PR application and nothing is added till now. I have made all necessary payments, filled forms, done pcc and medicals just to be proactive but IRCC is not addressing or showing in my application portal. Please what else can I do at this point? I am confused. My processing office is Sydney Processing center. Please help. Thanks

Try calling them if they have an overseas toll-free option. Their processing system is really bogged down from what I am hearing. For e.g. after I submitted my PR card renewal application, I didnt get anything at all, till my PR card showed up on my doorstep a few months later, no updates online.

Hmmm, thank You for your insight. I have tried calling them but to no end too. I will just stay positive and hope it’s already added but I just can’t see it yet. The wait time is really crazy now. Since dec2020 no update.