Adding more people from Canada

Hi @anon25417004,

I appreciate you having created this site and the forum. It is helping me a lot and I am sure others are benefiting from it as well. I understand the membership fee which you charge for people who need help with the immigration and I don’t have a problem paying it. However, once the people who are active now receive their PR, they will most likely quit the forum as they wouldn’t really need it.

It would be a loss for the future applicants though. They will have access to the existing posts but will not have direct access to people who have actually made the move. Would there be a way to add/retain such members for free after they receive their PRs so that they can still continue to help the newcomers? I understand that there would be challenges in identifying who actually has received a PR and who hasn’t but I think it might be worth considering. Let me know your thoughts.


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Good thought @mrandmrs :slight_smile: