Adding my wife after AOR - biometrics/medicals upfront submission

I got married after my AOR (Feb '19) and last month I sent a webform query asking to add my wife to my application. I got a response and submitted the following documents.

  • A new Generic Application Form for Canada (IMM 0008) with supporting documents,
  • (If applicable) A Schedule A - Background/Declaration (IMM 5669) form,
  • (If applicable) An Additional Dependants/Declaration (IMM 0008DEP) form,
  • A copy of the birth certificate, marriage certificate or proof of common-law relationship,
  • A copy of the family member’s valid passport,
  • Police certificates for all countries where the family member over the age of 18 has lived for more than 6 months since turning 18,
  • A letter of explanation, and
  • If applicable, the proof of payment.

I haven’t heard anything back from them and recently I have not been able to get through to IRCC via call, some or the other error comes during IVR process (I am using google hangouts and *67 method).

I was wondering if you all would be kind enough to answer a few clarifying questions I have regarding my situation:

  1. How do I provide IRCC with an upfront medical exam for my wife? When I had done mine the clinic has specifically asked for my ITA document, but except for an email confirmation that my wife’s documents are submitted we do not have anything for her.

  2. Same question for biometrics. Can that be submitted upfront as well? If so, what’s the procedure?

  3. Since I have requested IRCC to add my wife, can my wife also reach out to IRCC via phone and check on the status by herself? Or am I the only authorized person to talk to IRCC even now? If so, how do I authorize my wife to do the same?

Have you tried reaching out to them again using the webform? They might respond to your query there.

You might be able to get your wife’s medical exam done upfront but I don’t know about the biometrics. As for authorising your spouse, we had used the IMM-5476E form to add my spouse as a representative so that he could contact IRCC independently, if he needs to.

Also, have your wife’s details/documents been added to your application? I mean, do you see any changes when you log in to your account?

I have submitted a webform query simultaneously with posting this in the group. Usually takes them a week so I thought I can get a quicker resolution here.

We completed my wife’s upfront medical exam today and submitted the confirmation we got via a webform. Also filled the IMM-5476E form and submitted today in a separate query.

When I check my CIC accnt I do not see any change before and after sending documents and asking to add her. But they did reply in affirmative to our webform query asking them about reciept of our documents.

I guess once we get responses of reciept for both our documents in a week all we have to do is wait for her biometrics letter.

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