Adding spouse (already ppr holder) to application after copr

Hi there, I need guidance nd have some queries regarding adding spouse:
I had an expired COPR and received a mail from IRCC whether i want to travel.
I told them about my recently changed marital status and they sent me a generic mail with all forms and fee details .
however, my spouse is already a PPR mail holder (passport not yet stamped due to COVID) and I replied the same to IRCC but there is no response.
Now i am worried that I have time till 2nd July for submission of all docs and fee and I have no guidance from anyone. My questions are:

  1. Do i need to pay fee again for my husband even though he has paid processing fee earlier while applying in express entry, moreover he is also a PPR (golden mail) holder.
  2. form asks me to pay 550$ and 490$ but in link the amount is different . which link do i have to use to pay the fee (Express entry or Family sponsorship)
  3. I i do pay the fee for my husband can i get a refund of the earlier fee
  4. can we contact IRCC on telephone from outside canada (cic say no but any side methods for my case)

Please reply soon.