Adding spouse to Express entry Application


Myself Bibin and I have submitted for express entry on March 2021. (I came Canada on 2018 - Student visa).
On April , I got married here in Canada. My wife is working here in Canada with a work permit. I would like to add her into my application which is under processing. She here in Canada with me. I raised my request through IRCC webform and got request to raise

  • A new [Generic Application Form for Canada (IMM 0008)]
  • (If applicable) A [Schedule A - Background/Declaration (IMM 5669)]
  • (If applicable) An [Additional Dependants/Declaration (IMM 0008DEP)]
  • (If applicable) A signed [Additional Family Information (IMM 5406)]
  • A copy of the birth certificate, marriage certificate
  • A copy of the family member’s valid passport,
  • PCC
  • A letter of explanation,
  • If applicable, the proof of [payment]

Please suggest what all documents to be submitted as she is already here in Canada. Also what is the payment proof they are asking for.

You need to submit all of those documents listed except 0008DEP. You have to fill 0008, 5406. Your wife has to fill 5669 and 5406.
You also need to pay for adding a dependent to your express entry profile. That is what they mean by proof of payment. refer to link below