Adding Spouse (who is currently undocumented in country of residence) to Application

Hello All,

Situation is a follows:

I have PR through EE. I am an outland candidate.

I have not activated the visa at the port of entry due to COVID.

Since COVID, I have found love. I am getting married next month.

My fiance is currently UNDOCMENTED in our country of residence. She had a visa but overstayed for the last two years. Once married we are going to apply for a visa here but this process will take 12 months. She has NO criminal background.

I can financially support us too.

I am concerned how Canadian immigration will view her recent undocumented status.

From reading other posts Canadian immigration just wants honesty and seems okay with her undocumented past.

Has anybody been in a similar situation? Anybody have any advise of how to deal with this?


My two cents - please consult an immigration attorney to be sure. In this situations people on forums are of course very helpful, but you’d want to play it safe and get a professional opinion.