Advice about withdrawal of approved Renunciation App

I need some information concerning Permanent Residence to Canada. Me & my family (spouse & 2 sons) moved to Canada on Immigration visa in 2012. Due to financial reasons, I came back and started working in Pakistan (home country) to finance my family who continued their stay in Canada, and I travelled their using PR Card annually. Ultimately my family became Citizen in Canada. In the meantime, I get involved in certain Govt. contract and cannot leave home country for long periods and due to this issue, my PR card expires. In the meantime, my younger son graduated, and I need to attend his graduation ceremony. Due to ignorance, I applied for PR card renunciation so that I get temporary visa to attend ceremony. Anyway, I get visa and attended the ceremony. Now I have no more liability in my home country, and I need to join my family and my age is 61 years. I need advice can I withdraw my PR card renunciation.